class eosio::time_point_sec

Class List > eosio :: time_point_sec

Public Functions

Type Name
time_point_sec ()
time_point_sec (uint32_t seconds)
time_point_sec (const time_point & t)
operator time_point () const
uint32_t sec_since_epoch () const

Public Static Functions

Type Name
static time_point_sec maximum ()
static time_point_sec min ()

Detailed Description

A lower resolution time_point accurate only to seconds from 1970

Public Functions Documentation

function time_point_sec (1/3)

eosio::time_point_sec::time_point_sec ()

function time_point_sec (2/3)

explicit eosio::time_point_sec::time_point_sec (
    uint32_t seconds

function time_point_sec (3/3)

eosio::time_point_sec::time_point_sec (
    const time_point & t

function operator time_point

eosio::time_point_sec::operator time_point () const

function sec_since_epoch

uint32_t eosio::time_point_sec::sec_since_epoch () const

Public Static Functions Documentation

function maximum

static time_point_sec eosio::time_point_sec::maximum ()

function min

static time_point_sec eosio::time_point_sec::min ()

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file: in/eosio.cdt/libraries/eosiolib/core/eosio/time.hpp

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