struct eosio::permission_level

Class List > eosio :: permission_level

Public Attributes

Type Name
name actor
name permission

Public Functions

Type Name
permission_level (name a, name p)
permission_level ()


Type Name
friend constexpr bool operator==

Detailed Description

Packed representation of a permission level (Authorization)

Public Attributes Documentation

variable actor

name eosio::permission_level::actor;

Name of the account who owns this permission

variable permission

name eosio::permission_level::permission;

Name of the permission

Public Functions Documentation

function permission_level (1/2)

eosio::permission_level::permission_level (
    name a,
    name p

Construct a new permission level object with actor name and permission name


  • a - Name of the account who owns this authorization
  • p - Name of the permission

function permission_level (2/2)

eosio::permission_level::permission_level ()

Default Constructor

Friends Documentation

friend operator==

friend constexpr bool eosio::permission_level::operator== (
    const permission_level & a,
    const permission_level & b

Check equality of two permissions


  • a - first permission to compare
  • b - second permission to compare


true if equal


false if unequal

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file: in/eosio.cdt/libraries/eosiolib/contracts/eosio/action.hpp

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