Here is a list of all modules:

  • Compiler_builtins Declares int128 helper builtins generated by the toolchain.
  • action Defines type-safe C++ wrapers for querying action and sending action.
  • asset
  • chain Defines C API for querying internal chain state.
  • console Defines C++ wrapper to log/print text messages.
  • contract Defines contract type which is base class for every EOSIO contract.
  • crypto Defines C API for calculating and checking hash.
  • database Defines C APIs for interfacing with the database.
  • datastream
  • dispatcher Defines C++ functions to dispatch action to proper action handler inside a contract.
  • fixed_key Fixed size key sorted lexicographically for Multi Index Table.
  • fixed_point 32,64,128,256 bits version of fixed point variables
  • multiindex Defines EOSIO Multi Index Table.
  • privileged
  • singleton Defines EOSIO Singleton Table used with multiindex.
  • symbol Defines CPP API for managing symbols.
  • time
  • transaction Type-safe C++ wrappers for transaction C API.
  • transaction_c Defines C API for sending transactions and inline actions.
  • types Specifies builtin types, typedefs and aliases.

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