History Tools

The history tools repo has these components:

  • Database fillers connect to the nodeos state-history plugin and populate databases
  • wasm-ql servers answer incoming queries by running server WASMs, which have read-only access to the databases
  • The wasm-ql library, when combined with the CDT library, provides utilities that server WASMs and client WASMs need
  • A set of example server WASMs and client WASMs
App Fills RocksDB wasm-ql with RocksDB Fills PostgreSQL wasm-ql with PostgreSQL
fill-rocksdb Yes
wasm-ql-rocksdb Yes
combo-rocksdb Yes Yes
fill-pg Yes
wasm-ql-pg Yes
history-tools Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*

Note: by default, history-tools does nothing; use the --plugin option to select plugins.

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